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Private Labels Hansen Dranken

Noyet Young Corn Gin

Noyet Young Corn gin is a 100% fired corn gin. The malt wine used for this gin consists of rye, barley, wheat and distilled juniper berries. Noyet Young Corn Gin has a very pleasant, gentle taste and a pronounced character.

Noyet Light Drinks

Because of a lower alcohol percentage of light gin it is not officially called gin. This is why our light gin is called the Noyet light drink. The Noyet light drink, thanks to its fine recipe, has a very soft taste. In addition, this authentic drink has a pleasant aftertaste.

Davidson London Dry Gin

Davidson London Dry gin is distilled with a.o. juniper berries, orange peel and coriander, which gives it its specific taste. As the name  "London " indicates, it does not contain any added flavour and/or fragrance, but it is 100% natural. Davidson London Dry Gin is an excellent base for a good Gin-tonic!

Dupuis Vieux Grande Réserve

Dupuis Vieux, Grande Réserve is a 100% distilled beverage with several extracts added. Vieux is delicious, after the meal, or delicious as mixed drink with cola.

Chapka Original Vodka

Chapka Original Vodka is distilled from 100% grain. It has a very pure smell and taste. It can be drunk, with or without ice, or mixed with eg tomato juice, lemon juice, orange juice, gold strike, cranberry juice and coffee liqueur. The most famous cocktails with vodka are the bloody Mary and the Screwdriver.

Santa Marita Premium Rum

Santa Marita is a sugar cane molasses distilled premium rum. Santa Marita has a pure scent and taste and likes to mix, but can also be drunk.

Montlee Original Spirit Special Blend

Montlee Original Blend is made of various spirits with O. A malt that provide a unique composition. Montlee is excellent for mixing.

Glendower Blended Scotch Whiskey

Scotch Whisky is a liquor that is distilled from fermented grain batter, ripened on wooden barrels for at least 3 years and must have at least an alcohol percentage of 40%. Glendower Scotch Whisky is made up of several blended malt and corn whiskies. In this way a very complex taste is obtained. Glendower Scotch Whisky has a soft taste, which gives a powerful, fruity whiskey by the lagering on oak wood.