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Astoria landschap

Astoria Wine

Hansen Dranken is the exclusive importer in the Netherlands of the beautiful wines from Astoria. Like Hansen Dranken, Astoria is a proud family business. Founded in 1987, the current owners Paolo and Giorgio Polegato produce the most exquisite wines of the highest quality. The region in which Astoria is located is best known for its Prosecco sparkling wines. But besides Prosecco, Astoria also produces delicious barrel-aged wines such as the Colli de Conegliano wines Crevada and Croder.
Behind all the wines of Astoria is a team of expert and skilled professionals with a passion for the profession of winemaking. Not only has a great deal of attention been paid to the wine itself, but the creative packaging of Astoria's products is also an eye-catcher. Due to its elegant style, Astoria products are served in the most exclusive restaurants and wine bars around the world.
Through its commitment to tradition, innovation, quality, and creative marketing, Astoria has won many prizes over the years. Hansen Dranken is truly proud to be the importer of this magnificent brand.
For more information, visit the de site van Astoria.