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Vallée des Oliviers

Domaine Montariol Degrootte

Hansen Dranken imports the wines of Domaine Montariol Degroote. The winery has thousands of hectares across the world with several vineyards in the south of France. Domaine Montariol Degroote was founded by Pierre Degroote, a businessman through and through with Belgian roots. Like Hansen Dranken, Domaine Montariol Degroote is a proud and flexible family business.

La Vallée des Olivier

Domaine Montariol Degroote used research and innovation to produce several beautiful cépages including the La Vallée des Olivier wines. These are easy-to-drink wines with recognizable fruit flavours. Special wines with a unique character. So unique, in fact, that we are proud to import these wines in the Netherlands.

Logo la Vallee des Oliviers