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JWG beer

WG Pilsener: Privat label pilsener with international Allure

Our famous JWG Pilsener with a blend of hops and malt from the very best summer barley is brewed exclusively for us and filled in Belgian Limburg. It is a sparkling golden yellow fresh Pilsener, praised for its balanced hop taste. JWG Pilsener is a "lager" beer. This means that the beer is fermented at low temperatures, between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius, where the yeast sinks to the bottom of the tub. The beer is ripened for about 4 weeks while it is stored in special cooling tanks. The malt can be dried in this way of brewing, which keeps it light in color. This will preserve JWG Pilsener's light-to-yellow colour. JWG Pilsener belongs to the fermenting beers and is best at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius.

JWG Special 10.8

Next to our famous JWG Pilsener we offer JWG special 10.8. With the proven recipe of JWG Pilsener as a base our brewmaster JWG brews special 10.8 with a slightly lower stamwort content. This stamwort content is determined by the amount of solids in the wort before fermentation to beer and is denoted in degrees Plato. With a Plato content of 10.8, JWG belongs special 10.8 to the category 2 Pilseners on the Dutch market. JWG Special 10.8 is a little bit ' lighter ' than the regular Dutch pilseners, also the alcohol percentage with 4.8% is a bit lower. Due to the lower Stamwort content (Category 2 Pilsener), a lower excise duty is levied by the government, so that JWG special 10.8 can be offered more economically.