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Wholesale beer

JWG bier fusten

Independent wholesaler

Hansen Dranken is an independent wholesaler of beer. This means that we are not restricted to the products of a single brewery, which allows us to carry different types of beer from different breweries in our assortment. It is, of course, impossible to have all types of beer in our assortment, which is why we make well-informed choices and try to offer the most balanced product range possible. If we find that there is a demand for a certain beer that we don't have yet, we look for an alternative. If we do not find such an alternative, we will try to bring it on to the market in cooperation with a brewery.

JWG beer

In 1995 Hansen Dranken decided to be the first independent beverage company in the Netherlands to start stocking its own beer brand in kegs. The kegs were bought and a brewery was found in Belgian Limburg to brew our house-brand beer. When the brewer called to ask which name should be placed on the kegs, it was decided in a split second to use the first letter of the names of the three brothers: Jos, Wim, and Ger. And so JWG beer came into being.

Three types of JWG

A decision was made to launch three variants of JWG on the market:
* •    JWG Pils: a high quality pilsner.
* •    JWG Special 10.8: with a lower gravity, JWG Speciaal 10.8 belongs to the category 2 pilsners, which means that it is subject to less excise duty and can therefore be sold at a lower cost.
* •    JWG Weizen: for the past three years we have also had an affordable and delicious alternative for the immensely popular wheat beers (witbier in Dutch).
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