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De Grinderij delivery route

With the expansion of our distribution centre in Linne, we have also decided to build a new delivery route in order to relieve Veestraat in Linne of the high volume of heavy goods traffic passing through. Many suppliers and collectors already use this new road, but we notice that there are still many drivers who use Veestraat to enter our premises. In order to use the new delivery route, you must enter 'De Grinderij, Herten' in the navigation system. You will be guided directly to our new road and this will help to relieve the residents of Veestraat even more.

Do you make use of a navigation system?

Then enter the following address: De Grinderij, Herten. This will take you directly to the new delivery route. Once you have entered the premises, follow the ‘Expeditie’ signs to report your arrival.


Aanleverroute De Grinderij