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Own brand spirits

Wholesale spirits

There are so many different types and brands of spirits in the world that it is impossible to carry them all in one assortment. That is why we, as a wholesaler of spirits, are looking into how we can offer the most complete and balanced assortment of spirits possible. We look for those spirits that we think will complement and enrich our product range. However, sometimes we feel that a suitable alternative cannot be found, and so we try another way to ensure that we get those products. We entered into a partnership with a distillery in Belgium which, together with us, has produced eight new types of spirits and which Hansen Dranken has marketed as a house brand. Together with these professionals, we carefully selected the ingredients to produce an end result that is exactly as we intended it to be. The following eight private labels were produced from this partnership:

Private Labels

  • Noyet jonge graanjenever; a 100% stoked young grain genever. 
  • Noyet lichte borrel; due to having a lower alcohol percentage than a light genever, this may officially not be labelled a genever. This is why our light genever has been name Noyet Lichte Borrel
  • Davidson London Dry Gin; as the name London indicates, this gin does not contain any added flavouring or fragrances and is 100% natural.
  • Dupuis Vieux; a distilled spirit to which several extracts have been added.
  • Chapka Wodka; distilled from 100% grain.
  • Santa Marita Rum; a premium rum distilled from sugar cane molasses.
  • Montlee Special Blend; Montlee is a blend of various spirits.
  • Glendower Scotch Whisky; is composed of various blended malt and grain whiskies.

Private Labels Hansen Dranken