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Wholesale soft drinks

Wholesale soft drinks

The product range of Hansen Dranken includes all standard brands of soft drinks available in the Netherlands. The range is so extensive that we, as a wholesaler of soft drinks, do not even have to include all brands of soft drinks in order to still be able to offer as complete a product range as possible. Every year, and even every season, there are new variants on the market of which we will then see if these are a worthwhile addition to our assortment or not. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that we do not have a product that we think will complement our product range.

Energy drinks

The popularity of energy drinks in the Netherlands has exploded in recent years and new brands are popping up all the time. The major brands such as Red Bull and Monster are a standard product in supermarkets and almost every Dutch supermarket chain now has its own, cheaper, house-brand energy drink. Hansen Dranken did not yet have an energy drink available in its product range and came up with the idea a few years ago to bring its own energy drink on the market: Download Energy.

Download Energy

Download Energy is a high-quality energy drink that is very competitively priced. Everybody has moments when they could use a little more energy: during a long drive when it can be difficult to keep your focus on the road and on the traffic or while studying hard for an exam. Download Energy gives you just the boost you need to be able to concentrate on the things you need to do. The taurine and caffeine in Download Energy provide that extra energy boost to help you get going.

Download Energy is not suitable for children, diabetics, and people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Download Energy Drink