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Wholesale wine

Wholesale wine

Wholesale wine: great wines for all occasions

Our account manager for wine is always searching for high-quality wines to strengthen our product range. As a wine wholesaler we carefully select our wines, so that our clients have the perfect bottle of wine to match each occasion. After all, you don’t drink the same wine over the festive season as you do on a warm summer’s day outside on a café terrace. In order to carry a product range that is perfectly balanced, our account manager searches for the perfect wines all over the world. We have established partnerships with wineries in France and Italy, of which we have become the exclusive importer in the Netherlands.

Astoria Vini

The Astoria wines are produced in the village of Refrontolo in Treviso province in Italy. For more than 30 years, this family business has been making award-winning Proseccos and sparkling wines, something for which the Treviso region is renowned. But this winery does not only produce sparkling wines, but also makes barrique wines (barrel-aged wines) with a great deal of passion and dedication.

La Vallée des Oliviers

The vineyards of Pierre Degroote, where the wines of La Vallée des Olivier are made, are located in the Languedoc region in the south of France. The extensive amount of sun hours in this region ensure that very best grapes are grown here with which the most beautiful wines are produced. We have entered into a partnership with Domaine Montariol Degroote so that we can exclusively offer the following wines to our clients:

  • La Vallée des Oliviers Cabernet Sauvignon
  • La Vallée des Oliviers Merlot
  • La Vallée des Oliviers Sauvignon
  • La Vallée des Oliviers Chardonnay
  • La Vallée des Oliviers Rosé